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Corporate Trainings

Make diversity an asset for your business.

Would you like to run a human, efficient and sustainable company?
If so, our training programs are made for you!

They aim to promote self-knowledge and understanding of others as THE basis ofcollective intelligenceandconscious leadership. Our approach helps to develop a healthy and fulfilling work environment, while aligning individual aspirations
with collective results and the overall performance of the organization.

Team maping


Offer your team a basic training of 4 hours, which allows you to discover 9 types of personality in a theoretical and practical approach, a self-profiling game and the creation of a team map, highlighting its strengths, its limits and making it possible to consider paths of development, in connection with the different types of motivation and styles of communication and management.

To deepen knowledge and grow together


In addition to the basic training, these optional 4-hour modules focus on specific applications related to the challenges encountered in business. For example: communication and feedback, teams and conflicts management, leadership, etc. Our extensive portfolio and experienced stakeholders allow us to adapt and meet your specific needs.

A sustainable corporate culture


Our mission is to propose the Enneagram as a sustainable source of a healthy, fulfilling and human work climate, focused on a culture of benevolence, open to diversity, listening to others and self-mastery. In doing so, the feeling of belonging is strengthened, the pleasure and motivation at work increase and a conscious leadership is installed, to ensure the solidity and sustainability of the organization.

Based on a proven personality typology, the Enneagram is impactful and efficient in enhancing potential and optimizing human resources in modern and innovative companies. This dynamic reading grid of the human personality enables :

  • the creation of united and efficient teams,
  • to attract, hire and retain employees
  • to establish a caring and human corporate culture,
  • to develop a conscious and inspiring leadership.

The Enneagram in business is a reference tool that allows you to improve, on a daily basis:

  • Knowledge and self-mastery
  • Communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Individual roles and team performance
  • Levers of motivation and individual efficiency
  • Feedback and conflict management
  • The organization of work and processes
  • Support for change
  • Talent management and full potential development
  • Loyalty and well-being of employees

Our in-company training courses are made for:

  • The members of an already established team
  • The managers supervising this team
  • The directors and function directors
  • The executive committees and boards

We aim to make access to the Enneagram and its many benefits accessible to as many people as possible, to fight inequalities and promote fair, universal and equitable access. We therefore propose adapted rates for organizations with limited resources (small organizations, associations, NPOs, etc.). Contact usdirectly to discuss it together and find the best possible arrangement.

Dixit Ennéagramme is the first and only French-speaking school in the world to be
accredited by theInternational Enneagram Association.