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Enneagram TRAINING
cYCLES 1, 2 & 3

Dixit Enneagram offers 3 cycles of training courses certified and accredited by the International Association of Enneagram.
Our professional-quality training aims at the personal development of individuals and the development of skills-being and skills-becoming, essential to any professional wishing to work with the Enneagram with his organization or his clients.

Schéma Cycle 1


This certification consists in 12 days of training and constitutes the fundamental bases of the Enneagram. Discover: 3 centers of intelligence, 9 types, 27 sub-types, defense mechanisms as well as levels of self-control. Throughout the training, participants create their own personal development plan to apply the Enneagram in their daily life.

Cycle 2 Technicien Ennéagramme


This 12-months certification training allows you to continue to deepen your Enneagram knowledge through a powerful and impactful dive: in self-knowledge (bias, reactivity, structure of the ego, impact on others, development paths), in a refined understanding of the dynamics and relational issues, and the development of the first skills for a professional use of the Enneagram.

Cycle 3 Formateur Ennéagramme


This 2-months certification, made up of 8 days of training, is the next step to becoming an Enneagram practitioner. Thanks to the solid theoretical, practical and experiential content obtained in cycles 1 and 2, develop your skills in andragogy and your qualities as a facilitator while respecting the particularities of the Enneagram training as a professional trainer in organization.

The Enneagram is a human territory exploration’s map : automatic reactivities, ego structures, vocabulary, language, crossroads and paths of evolution, etc. By discovering this system, you will learn to know yourself and understand others better , by realizing how similar and different we all are.
The invitation is to develop a benevolence, tolerance and a greater acceptance of oneself, and therefore of others.
Universal, dynamic and accessible to all, the Enneagram is a form of human wisdom, proposing to develop our inner observer in full consciousness to free ourself from our automatic and repetitive mechanisms, and thus, regain a form of freedom closer to our essence.
Used as an exploratory diagnosis of the functioning of the person, the central idea is based on the principle that every human being has a central character trait, similar to an axis, around which his personality revolves.
This fixation corresponds to an axis of defense set up in childhood, and which is found in our habits, our automatic behaviors, our reactivities and susceptibilities, our limits, our talents, our beliefs and values, our vision of the world, etc.
We are not out profile : The Enneagram highlights a box in which we are locked up without realizing it, and suggests ways to free ourselves from it.
Individually and collectively, the Enneagram makes it possible to develop better a communication, to improve our relationships, to better manage conflicts, to live more serenely our daily life, to know how to better manage teams and to develop a strong and anchored conscious leadership.

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The full calendar of our activities is availablehere.
In the current context, these dates may have to change depending on government announcements and the number of registered participants, 10 days before the scheduled date of the module. In any case, we notify all participants and offer alternative solutions that are suitable for everyone.

Cycle 1 – Enneagram Basics : 1995 $ CA (+ taxes)
Cycle 2 – Enneagram Technician : 3995 $ CA (+ taxes)
Cycle 3 – Enneagram Practitioner (Trainer of Coach): 2445 $ CA (+ taxes)

Cycle 1 modules are alsoavailable individually. Consult our rates here.

In order to make the Enneagram accessible to as many people as possible, we offer :

– reduced rates for students, job seekers and retirees
– staggered payment plans to fit everyone’s budget
– an early-bird rate (200 $ CA discount) for the purchase of a complete cycle, valid up to 30 days before the first training

Contact-us directly for further informations.

Yes, to the extent possible, we offer hybrid and/or exclusively online formats on Zoom, with the aim of making our training accessible to as many Francophones as possible.
The format of each of our trainings is specified on our calendar.

Registrations for Dixit training courses are made directly on our online shop.
By selecting the training (s) you are interested in, you can then choose the dates that suit you and make the payment directly via Paypal or by credit card.

DDixit Ennéagramme is the first and only French-speaking school in the world to be
accredited by theInternational Association of Enneagram .