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Ennegram Coaching

Dixit Ennéagramme offers personal, professional or executive support to help you deploy your potential and that of your teams.


Would you like to initiate changes in your life, without necessarily knowing how or towards what? Would you like to dive into yourself to draw on your potential and gain self-mastery? If so, this personal coaching program is for you!

Coaching Enneagram Profil Coach

Coaching is an individual support process based on questioning and practical exercises that aim to reconnect with who you are, and therefore with what you want to achieve for and by yourself. It’s easy to lose sight of who we are and what got us here today. That’s often what keeps us from looking ahead with determination, hope and energy.

The Enneagram is based on 9 ego structures that dictate our unconscious motivations, fears, avoidances, triggers … as well as our talents, gifts, resources and natural qualities. This navigation map, with oneself and with others, is impactful and efficient to developvone’s full potential and free oneself from one’s own limitations.

Becoming aware of your Enneagram profile allows you to identify your reactivity and excesses, and also the foundation on which solidly build. It is a journey that requires courage and perseverance, which is why the accompaniment of a coach is beneficial and supportive.

Several packages are offered:

  • Exploratory session (1 x 45 min)
  • Enneagram discovert (3 x 90 min)
  • SIX 6 Session Package (6 x 60 min)
  • DIX 10 Session Package (10 x 60min)
Enneagram Personal Coaching


Do you have questions, doubts or desires regarding your professional career? Would you like to initiate a change without knowing where to start or where to go? Are you an entrepreneur who needs to (re) find its mission, passion and inner guidance? If so, this professional coaching program is for you!

The proposed professional coaching aims to focus on oneself as the bearer of one’s present and future professional. Employees, entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, unemployed, in transition or returning to work: discovering oneself in one’s work makes it possible to make healthy and sustainable occupational choices.

Using the Enneagram will allow you to discover your profile and become aware of your internal functioning. This exploration map allows you to make better decisions for yourself, to improve your communication and relationships and to become the entrepreneur of your life.

Several packages are offered:

  • Exploratory session (1 x 45 min)
  • Enneagram discovert (3 x 90 min)
  • SIX 6 Session Package (6 x 60 min)
  • DIX 10 Session Package (10 x 60min)


Would you like to develop your leadership? Would you like to establish a human, successful and sustainable corporate culture? Would you like to lead communicating, united and sustainable teams? If so, this executive coaching program is for you!

Aiming to promote self-knowledge and understanding of others as THE basis of all collective intelligence and conscious leadership,the proposed approach deepens self-awareness and self-control to enhance his/her leadership and leadership skills and talents.

Enneagram Executive Coaching

Based on proven personality mapping, this impacting and efficient tool leverages potential and optimizes human resources in modern and innovative companies. This dynamic reading grid of the human personality allows you to:

  • Develop inspiring leadership
  • Offer a healthy and fulfilling work environment
  • Align individual aspirations with collective results and organizational performances
  • Create united and successful teams
  • Attract, hire and retain employees
  • Establish a humanizing corporate culture

You can also offer you and your teams Enneagram Corporate Trainings to make diversity an asset for your company.

What's the Enneagram? (french version)

'Chloé has been a key part of my research team on next-generation entrepreneurship. She is brilliant, proactive and a good team player. She is an excellent coach and very knowledgeable about entrepreneurship, leadership and collective intelligence. I highly recommend her as an entrepreneur coach."

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Robert Dilts
Author, coach, trainer and consultant